Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Amazing Australian football interview

CEO Capital Football Heather Reid talks about the massive changes to our game. Whatever the level of football you are involved in this interview gives you a sense and size of what we are facing/going through

It is an awesome interview for any football fan from any state.

Next up: FFA to check every ground/club and amount of facilities and use of facilities in the country. Awesome innit.



A Football Story said...

great interview

Anonymous said...

That was a pathetic attempt by Ian Shaw to sell us the no playing squads propaganda. I can punch alot of holes in what he says and so can alot of others. Time to step down Ian and Patrick for trying to tell all that this (no playing squads) is a forgone conclusion before the Capital Football Board has passed the motion.

Great interview was it A Football Story? What are you on?

Eamonn said...

I think you miss the point.

You may not agree with the changes, fair enough, but the interview was more illuminating for the changes happening across the game than just this element you have focused on.

The development/academy issues was only one point, a significant one but only a point.

And I'd hazard a guess that you are involved in the Academy.

Tell me this.

How can you justify 80 players in each age group getting developed is not better than the current 30 plus in the boys and girls academy.

If we are truly into development surely the way ahead is to provide high quality for bigger numbers, unless you know something about most of our so-called current Academy members that I don't.

The Academy is not wrong. This new model is clearly better for our children.

Can we deliver it to the level required? Will an existing Academy player get a better experience. Well this is the challenge/or maybe the holes you can shoot.

If your child, and I'm assuming you have a child in the Academy gets to improve will you quickly thank Ian Shaw and co?

And to the rest of Canberra who misses out on the current Academy what do you propose?

Coz clearly anyone with a brain can see that the 13 year olds in the Academy (take any age) could be matched by another 30 or so 13 year olds....and if given the right development many of the latter group would be better players than the current Academy by say 19 or 24.

What do you say to that?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Eamonn i wonder if these people will be against this new format if their kids dont make next years squads.I have more of a problem with parents masquerading as coaches,managers & volunteers just so they can further their own kids development.

Anonymous said...

The problem with new program was the scrapping of the playing squads. Everyone I've talked to were all for the proposed Under 9-12 structure with more players, less travel time etc. However, the playing squads are the one advantage we have over other states. When the teams get to nationals they will have had approximately 15-20 competitive matches plus many other practice matches that the coaches organise throughout the year. This can then show in the performance at nationals where the ACT teams are used to playing together compared to the other states who may only get a few friendlies in before nationals and the level of understanding between players may not be as good. The better the team performs, the more ACT players will then be selected to go on to Australian teams and the AIS. The 92 age group played together as a team for 3 years with the Academy and then on to ACTAS and when they got to nationals they were a well drilled team and the result was Chris Bush, Stephen Domenici, Ben Harrington, Danai Gapare and Alex Meibush making either Joeys or AIS or both.

In comparison this year's Under 13 Boys and Under 14 Girls didn't have the benefit of a season or more playing together and they managed just 1 win from the 13 games they played and only 1 girl and no boys made the Australian squads. The 17 Girls also have no playing squad and finished 9th out of 10. The 15 Girls do have a playing squad and they only lost to the eventual winner.

The playing squads are there to ensure that our best players are going to be able to give their best performances when in front of the national selectors. There is nothing stopping Capital Football from then having a development squad for the second level of players (i.e. players 17-32) so they can receive a good level of additional training. If this had been proposed then maybe it would have been accepted.

The biggest problem with the proposed program though was the lack of consultation. It seems as though the technical director and his assistant locked themselves in their office and came up with this idea without talking to anyone. The coaches weren't consulted and apparently are all strongly opposed to it, ACTAS and their coaches weren't consulted and are also apparently strongly opposed to it.

Anonymous said...

"If your child, and I'm assuming you have a child in the Academy gets to improve will you quickly thank Ian Shaw and co?"

Ian Shaw can't take any credit for any child's improvement within the Academy. He is never at training, never at games, he doesn't organise any friendly matches for the squads, the individual squad coaches devise training plans. The only age group he has had any input in this year was the 13 Boys and didn't they do well at the national championships.

Eamonn said...

Getting stuck into Ian Shaw on a blog when you hide behind a anonymous label is not on in my view.

To publicly criticise the guy, well what's your name? Otherwise don't post here.

So because Ian Shaw isn't at training he can't take credit for anything??

Do you know anything about football?

Do you reckon Sir Alex Ferguson ever goes to training?

Does he take the credit or the rap for United?

People are quick to criticise, that's football, but publicly having a go at Ian Shaw without revealing your own name, well as I said it's not on.

I haven't deleted the criticism of Ian as I reckon he's well used to it.

Let's forget the man, and talk the position.

I say until you have taken a step in the man's shoes (ie Technical Director of Capital Football) I wonder if you really have an idea about what the position is.

So the TD is supposed to be training all the Academies, boys and girls in your view? And if the TD did what you suggest what would the Academy Coaches do?

Besides you seem to know so much why would the TD need to help out. Seems like you could get involved with organising games, etc etc but then I suppose you are already are!

Anonymous said...

I commend this interview because it gives a 'big picture' perspective on what Capital Football are responsible for and I reckon Heather Reid has only scratched the surface on the business of the organisation and the direction being expected by FFA. To all the Academy supporters I say "take off your blinkers" and look at the bigger picture. It's not all about YOU!! Everyone needs to hear this interview.