Saturday, 25 July 2009

FFA on fire.

Football now spend $8 million per year on junior development/grassroots football. A long way from the AFL's $45 million but lightyears from the old days, and that figure will surely continue to grow in coming years.

Cottees announcing school football gala days, up to $20,000 for your club for up to three years from NAB/FFA and now this.

In an exciting boost for grassroots football, Optus and Football Federation Australia (FFA) are delivering special football kits to over 50,000 young football players in regional and urban areas around Australia as part of the latest Optus Small-Sided Football (OSSF) program.

All under 6 registered OSSF players across the country will receive a football kit, which includes a t-shirt, football and backpack. Their local club will also receive some much needed equipment and resource materials.

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Anonymous said...

Gopod to see, as always

I'm a fan of grassroots investment

Obviously with only so much money atm and a big country it spread a bit dilute but every little bit counts