Friday, 17 July 2009

Anyone seen an Aussie number 10?

Jason Culina could be a playmaker for the Gold Coast, and he's Australian. But we need more and when you look around the A-League there is a dearth, particularly from the Aussies

Each club needs a Carlos Hernandez, or someone heading that way, and from that group of ten playmakers only then can we push one or two overseas and only then will we get one good enough to play internationally for the Socceroos.

Nicky Carle was great for the Jets, but he's gone and still only a Championship player and no real star man even at Crystal Palace. Do they play Champions League?

Mitch Nichols I like a lot at the Roar and hopefully will be good enough to push Charlie TimTam Miller out. And maybe he'll go on to Championship football as well, given his age maybe he'll go higher.

Kaz Patafta, the jury is out. Steve Corica, age has taken him.

Adelaide's Shin is held high but he's Korean, Hernandez, Daniel (Brazilian) at the Phoenix, Sikora (Dutch) at Perth, even John Hutchison at the Mariners is Maltese now!

We need more and here's hoping we see someone, another Aussie or five breaking through this year. Don't expect it do you?

Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

aussie no 10s, 2 footed aussies, left sided aussies, clinical forwards, attacking fullbacks, holding midfielders who can pass and know when to get forward, centrebacks that can build the play ...

i think we need more of, well, everything.

if dave carney can make a socceroos squad by not playing for sheffield united, then you have a serious depth problem.