Saturday, 18 July 2009

Luke Pilkington: How did he keep so fit?

As far as I know Luke Pilkington plays for ANU FC in the ACT Premier League and yet was fit enough to win a contract, through Football Superstar with Melbourne Victory.

I doubt any young 18 year old from top sides Belconnen United or Canberra FC would be fit enough to win that competition without considerable extra training. Correct me if I'm wrong. And the lads from Tuggies well I don't think so do you.

For Luke to step from ANU to Melbourne Victory; was it his ANU FC John Mitchell led fitness program or some other training factor?

Either way he just got out before it was too late. No 19 year old from Canberra Premier League could ever make it to the A-League with their current fitness base could they?

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Anonymous said...

I definitely think their are other youngsters in Canberra who could step up.

Taylor Beaton from Belconnen is a name that springs to mind. He held his own when playing against the Mariners, this year and last year.

Pilkington did extremely well and deserved to win the show. However I think his age (younger than the other lads) his emotional intelligence and his general attitude towards the game were bigger factors then his fitness. Oh and he seems to be pretty good technically as well.

More emphasis should be placed on this side of the game. Because - if you can't kick it properly your probably not going to have to worry about chasing it. Basically, technical ability should and probably will trump fitness every time.