Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Ego check.

The Pissants are talking about me, and Bill is preparing a new Adelaide fanzine, Bill will write for the new Aussie fanzine Half-Time Heroes and The FootballTragic will bring great quality as well.

And I'm working on my next book. My last one, well my only one, Father and Me, explored the wonderful ways a Catholic Priest can abuse one boy. I did the research myself, truly an awesome experience. I survived; that's about all you can say!

Anyhoo my next book will look at what it feels like to be booted out of work unable to walk any distance at 43, and how football saved the far.

For now the Fanzine is keeping me entertained. Quite a team forming. Don't miss it.


Anonymous said...

hi eamon

keep up the great work.

astrojax said...

hey eamonn, great to hear you're back to writing books! am still toiling over something i hope will be my first, after several aborted attempts...

looking forward to h-t-h; will it be taking occasional pieces from other fans?