Tuesday, 28 July 2009

FFA: Run by Dick Van Dyke or Dick Head

Imagine listening to all that twaddle down the years about Small-Sided Games.

It develops your skill, it's great for technique, we must change blah blah blah.

I played small-sided games all my life, on the street with drains for goals. North of England, you know, life was tough we got up before we went to bed!

Anyway slowly Canberra changed, quicker than most, but still slow.

Under 10's last year. 9 v 9 3/4 pitch. Crap games, coaches want strategy and positions as the field is so big, the players so technically inept. Awful. We had fun but awful for player development.

This year Under 10's 7 v 7 much smaller pitch. Every player involved, amazing improvement in players skills. They still have fun.

So Dick Head comes out and say CHANGE BACK. Under 10's must now play on the bigger pitches, bigger teams.

Why? So the few elite players ,less than 1%, can be better prepared for the Under 12 State teams that form a squad which ultimately gets to trial for Australian Undr 13 side.

What a load of bollocks.

Oh and if Futsal is so good, 5-a-side and all, then why aren't we playing 5-a-side outdoor up to 10 or even eleven. I know I've lost this one but Australia has made the change, but it just isn't enough is it.

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