Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Nearpost Podcast

Nationally we cover the Jets, Van Egmond, Branko's appointment and start our A-League Season 5 review.

Gold Coast insider Bernie Lustica, Russ Gibbs and myself take a look at Gold Coast United and North Queensland Fury.

National Download

Locally Russ and Peter Funnell cover all the local news and Peter Funnell's "Fireside with Funnell" this week is Eddie Senatore.

Every week Peter has an interview with a someone from the local football community, with a story an idea or opinion to tell. With over 17,000 players plus coaches, refs, parents, volunteers and administrators getting interesting and quality material is never a problem.

Peter talks to Eddie Senatore about his exciting and somewhat radical proposals for Futsal in Canberra. Bring it on!
Local Download

And next week "Fireside with Funnell" hears from Lukas Cole, 16, Woden Valley junior just back from his trial with Blackburn and Notts Forest in the UK. Every boys dream?


chris said...

off topic but when are the FFA announcing who gets the 12th license?

Eamonn said...

a cynic would say when West Sydney are ready!

And I note the final West Syndey bid is meeting again with FFA today, but despite their claims people close to all three W Sydney bids..there is now only one, says all three bids have no money....

so if Ivan has the money we'll be okay..simple as really...

and if W Sydney and Canberra has the money, truckloads of it a la Gold Coast...then we'd both be in

Expect the decision by the end of mid-July...but I'm only guessing

chris said...

thanks, we'll see how close you get?

Also do you know if ivan has looked for some rich arabian to back us?

Andy said...

Loving the podcast Eamonn. As an expat, it's good to be able to keep up with all the Aussie, and in particular the Canberra football news through the broadcast.

Just one thing re your Branko Culina comments... I take it you were being sarcastic? He was bloody awful at the Cosmos. Terrible start... then he fell away. His team was terrible, despite having the biggest budget of all the managers at the club.

Anyway, fingers crossed for good news re Canberra's admission to the A-League. Can't be long now until the announcement?