Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Where USA lead Australia follow right?

The United States of America beat the European Champions Spain 2-0 and then nearly kncked the Brazilians off in the Confederation Cup Final in South Africa.

Okay it's not the World Cup but it must give Australia some hope of achieving something next year.

If the USA can get to the final, beat Spain on the way then surely the Aussies can get out of the group.

And good to see the number one sport in South Africa finally being noticed in Australia.

Yep, it ain't cricket or rugby it's the sport of black South Africa, football. Don't suppose the Aussie media will get this for a while yet.


Anonymous said...

yeah, the US run gave me some hope.

size, physicality and work rate are not dirty words.

seems like they did some good passing and possession against the spaniards too.


astrojax said...

and while that performance gained our usa soccer-brothers two places, rising to number twelve in the fifa men's rankings, did you see that australia is now, astoundingly, in the top twenty at six-bloody-teen? sweet 16!!! (and i note while we rose a huge 13 spots, our next nearest confederation fellows, japan, slipped nine to sneak in at number forty...)

that's quite likely a second tier pod selection for the socceroos in rsa, so two teams in our group below us in rankings, maybe... we'll be a de facto favourite to progress from our group, whatever it is. i said maybe... but yay!

Andy said...

I don't think the seedings at the world cup are solely based on the FIFA World Rankings Astrojax. From memory they also take into account each country's performances in the world cup over a number of previous tournaments. We've certainly done ourselves no harm, but I don't think we're looking at any higher than the third tier of seedings for the group stage.