Thursday, 21 June 2007

Sally Shipard: and why she loves beating boys!

So you want to be an International Footballer, read on.
This week Sally tells just what it takes to become a skillful Matilda.

Hi I’m Sally Shipard,

Ok this week guys I will share some of my background as a young footballer.

I was born in Tumut, a small country town about an hour from Wagga, in New South Wales. My family moved to Wagga when I was 3 yrs old. We based ourselves in central Wagga, which was great because our primary school was just down the road, and the shops just around the corner.
And I know you are probably thinking that everything is 'around the corner' in Wagga but its not actually the case.

Ok, well back on track. When I was 5 years old I was introduced to many sports, most kids at the age of 5, or thereabouts are playing sport in country towns.

My main reason was my two older brothers were involved with sports. My favourite sport has always been football, I first began playing for a club team called PCYC. I was never a fan of netball (like most girls my age). I played basketball, cricket, softball and even AFL. I broke my arm in U/10's though so my AFL career was very short-lived:-)

I played football with a boys team right up until I moved to Sydney when I was 15.

There’s nothing more satisfying at beating a boy at something.

I think I was born with this competitive nature, it certainly helped because after all I have grown up with 3 brothers.
I played for the Wagga rep boys team from U/12's and represented the U/14 NSW Country team from the age of 12 also. When I was 13 I was faced with the decision to choose between cricket and football. I was playing both games at a representative level. I’m so glad I chose football.

I began home training when I was about 10 yrs old. I can remember being able to juggle maybe 10-15 times before the ball hit the ground. I juggled everyday for at least 20 minutes and in no time I was juggling 100's and then thousands.

I would recommend for the younger players to be juggling as much as they can. It’s so beneficial when it comes to your touch on the ball and you gain a better feel for the ball.

Tune in next week for the continued rise of my footballing career:-)

Bye Sal

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