Sunday, 11 November 2007

After 60 mins the crowd roared!

Have you ever been to a big game of football.Celtic Rangers, Man United Liverpoos, Milan Inter or Sydney Melbourne.

Whatever game you've been to, when you are a singing shouting fan it's hard not to sing when your side walk out, or have a corner or just when there is a pause in play, when they need a lift, or the other sides fans start cheering.

so last night..

The Sydney fans came in large numbers and were singing loud and proud. The South side Victory fans were loud and effective, very effective.

The North side were small in numbers on the bottom terrace, not like the all jumping all action crowd of .....well just last year.

Where were the great bulk of fans from last year. Not to mention the 20,000 who forgot to turn-up to this blockbuster fixture this time around.

20000 that is a lot and a worry in sports-mad Melbourne but that's for another post.

No there was little noise from the North End. Very disappointing for one who likes his football loud.

Until the 60th minute.

A roar came from my right. An amazing noise. not heard throughout the game. I looked to the guys behind the goal. Surely they couldn't be suddenly louder, that much louder.

No, up on level three where last year's atmosphere is now sitting or standing, that is where this sound came from.

Apparently in dispute with the Dome management. They should just retake level one it seems to me.

But you imagine being in a crowd watching those Sydney fans holler and carry on in your stadium and having the self-discipline to remain quiet...and then on a pre-match plan release a huge wall of noise at the 60th minute.

It was effective, even eerie. I'd never experienced anything like it. It sent goose bumps down my spine at this unexpected additional wave of noise.....

but I couldn't help thinking I'd missed something during the pre-match and game because of this protest.

It certainly helped their rivals, Sydney.

And what true fan would do that I wonder?

Imagine going to Celtic Park and remaining silent for 60 minutes of an Old Firm derby having to listen to the Rangers fans before you are going to sing....

that would be torture..believe me.

How these Victory fans did it I will never ever know. But it was different!

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Hamish said...

This story is priceless Eamonn. Why, I wonder, is it not reported elsewhere and everywhere. Surely this is the News of the night, quite apart from the game detail.