Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Nearpost Xmas Radio Special.

Happy Christmas to all the football fans of Australia and what better way to celebrate a Christmas on the net than with an Australian Bloggers Xmas Special Podcast.

The Bloggers Special can be downloaded here

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The bloggers can write, but can they talk!

Show starts with my top ten moments of the Australian football year..then it's blogger heaven.

And thanks to all the Bloggers for their views during the year and for their time in this and various other interviews they have provided during 2007.

Mike Salter The Football Tragic describes his journey,

Sarah Duncombe Totally the World Game on who makes her mad in football fandom,

Eric Daams MVFC rediscovering football Australian style after his Ajax inspired early years,

Neil Zimmerman Victory in Melbourne blogspot how his passion for football deepened,

Hamish Alcorn Down Under Football on Dad and son's their life journey.

Tony Tannous Roundball Analyst talks Asia,


Anonymous said...

John Howard may have given the Socceroos 16 million but you should reconsider him for your top ten moments of the year because the Labour party trumped the Liberal party by planning to double that and have pledged 32 million instead. So unless you work for the Liberal party you should probably give people updated information.

Eamonn said...

agreed but at the time it was the first announcement of monies that set the FFA on route to release Tech Report, appoint a coach, hence it was in my top ten moments and I did various other posts covering the Labor Part monies etc

and incidentally the Labor Party has announced $32 mill which is an increase

but more importantly it's over just two years and few people seem to know that

Interesting times for football.