Wednesday, 23 April 2008

20,000 for Juventus/Victory already!

Everyone loves a lady, especially the Old Lady of Turin as Juventus are often called.

Melbourne Victory fans have snapped up 20,000 tickets for the May friendly, and the tickets are yet to be put on public sale.
Feels like a sellout.

Me, I like competitive games every time. Friendlies schmendlies!

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Andy said...

I have to agree entirely. Friendlies are invariably dull as dishwater and a total waste of money for the paying punter. I made the mistake of coughing up £25 to go see a friendly between Hearts and Barcelona last year thinking it'd be a good chance to see the likes of Ronaldinho, Henry and Eto' up close. Needn't have bothered. The players just strolled about trying not to get injured and you could see neither team were interested.

I suppose at least this game will be interesting for the chance to see Kevin Muscat snapping some diving Italians then screaming in their faces.