Sunday, 20 April 2008

Bash em like Bazza!

Given the AFL's desire to copy most things football. Talk of a red card, substitutes, small sided games are just a few doing the traps at the moment.

Well watching Bend it like Beckham on Saturday night, no A-League on so what sport is there to watch at the moment, I was thinking about the great lift this gave the women's game and the game of football and feel sure AFL and the other codes in Australia will come out with a version soon.

Thought I'd help them with a few titles.

And in case you don't know the players I've put the names in brackets!
AFL. Bash em like Bazza. Barry "They should have sent me off" Hall
Swimming. Dunk em like Darcy. Nick D'arcy.
Cricket. Sledge em like Simmo. Andrew Symonds
Rugby Union. Hit em like Henjak. Matt Henjak
AFL. Crack it like Cousins. Ben Cousins.
Rugby League. Slump like Souths.

I'm sure you can improve on that lot. Helps if you know a few sports people from other codes. I struggled clearly:)

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