Thursday, 24 April 2008

Burns' Night: Adelaide cruise home.

How far can Nathan go?

Nathan Burns set the Asian Champions League alight last night. It was the most stunning individual display by an Australian since the Aussies have entered the tournament.

But how far can he go?

He created three goals in ten minutes changing the game, and more importantly, winning the game single handedly for his team.

It was beautiful to watch and came at a point in the game when Vietnamese side Binh Duong were looking stronger and had just hit the post.

Adelaide won 4-1 and top the group with two intriguing games to go.

Burns well he may or may not be around for them if we believe the rumours. But where and when should he go?

Nathan Burns is an undeniable talent. Sometimes!

He has produced perhaps some of the A-Leagues best moments last season, but for large parts he struggled to reach his high standards.

He looks back to his best but can he do it next time, against more difficult opposition? Probably.

He will head off overseas, no doubt. But he should stay at least one more season.

Nicky Carle and David Carney are in the English Championship, Carle potentially ready to move to the Premier League if Bristol City go up.

Nathan Burns will be better than Carle at his age, by a long way.

Burns creates goals, and plenty of them. He also scores something Carle for all his beautiful play does neither in abundance, certainly Carle is not a regular goalscorer.

Burns should stay one more season. For the Beijing Under 23 World Cup and another A-League season where he should be really able to boss the league, and reach a far higher level of consistency.

Then he could surely head to a Premier League side, a la Adrian Leijer, or to a team higher up the Dutch or even German Leagues.

He is rumoured to be off to Norway. A waste of time.

With his talent, and a another year, surely if Ruben Zakovich can go to Derby, Carle to Bristol City and Carney to Sheffield United, Burns can claim more in terms of wages and quality.

Norway ain't it.

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Anonymous said...

should he stay?

being in the a-league helps with olympics preparation, but another up and down year in the a-league like last would be a waste.

if he can push on and boss the league, then the gamble of staying pays off.