Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Canberra Football moving on

Canberra developments to be proud of.

Canberra FC will launch their new Deakin Stadium on Sunday. Belconnen United have their own impressive McKellar Stadium, Woden Valley juniors heading overseas to Europe every year, and they have a new clubhouse, the growing Lightning Tournament and Kanga Cup are just some of the signs of the growth of the game in Canberra.

Further improvements to grounds and stadium plans are being whispered around town for various clubs.
Any other notable achievement happening within your club? Feel free to fill me in!


pippinu said...

I've just completed a an article in my blog which explains why Tassie may have difficulty getting an A-League side together in the future (in a roundabout sort of way) - it may have some relevance to calculating Canberra's chances as well.

Eamonn said...

Tassie has no chance!!!

And if it's a race between Canberra and Tassie, we are a shoo-in here in Canberra!

Canberra has 800,000 people within a 3 hour drive. 450,000 within an hour.

Plus it's player base is huge 17,000 and the city is proven producer of quality footballer and we have sports administrators galore in national sports and AIS, not to mention a worthy if not ideal stadium.

Canberra shouldn't need a handout from the Government, although the Government already pumps money into AFL teams coming here.

We need a Millissa Fischer-Massa no doubt, but we need the team, the corporate leaders, with a passion for football to create the model that will bring the community and investors together.

Why is it so slow to build in Canberra?

Perhaps because we've failed before, perhaps because The Raiders and Brumbies are seen to be enough, perhaps because our business men and women aren't connecting with the game the vision and opportunities and the future.

Our man at the top, Kevin Rudd is singing the right song, but the locals seem not to have heard it yet. They will, but will it be too late?

Perhaps because we have few entreprenuers with deep pockets compared to say Newcastle.

Having said that we only need one deep pocket, the support for football in town I believe, could turn football into the number one code.

A marketer's dream. 17,000 signed up players already.

Now I'm off to find the man with the plan, the passion and the women with the deep pockets.

And we'd gladly play one home game in Tassie per year, even if it was against Melbourne:)