Wednesday, 30 April 2008

FFA respond to criticism

It's a smart organisation that hear the criticism and responds.....quickly.

The FFA have moved fast to defuse ongoing debate among the football and wider community re:the Danny Vukovic tailored decision.

Let's have a review, fair enough, and then let's state it like it is.

DO NOT TOUCH THE REFEREE AT ANY LEVEL OF THE GAME....or else you're gone, World Cup, Olympic Games, A-League Grand Final or park football, whatever form of tribunal we have.


The disciplinary regulations of Football Federation Australia (FFA) are to be reviewed in time for the next Hyundai A-League season which starts in August.

FFA CEO Ben Buckley said that after three years of the Hyundai A-League competition, it is an appropriate time for a significant review.

“I want to ensure that football’s disciplinary provisions are not only consistent with those of the sport internationally, but also with community expectations within Australia.”

Buckley said that the current disciplinary process and the decisions handed down by disciplinary committees were independent of FFA, but their decisions have been made within the framework of the existing regulations and disciplinary provisions.

“The parameters of the disciplinary regulations were set more than three years ago and it has always been my intention to undertake this review now,” Buckley said.

“It is a sign of the growing maturity of the competition that we should do so, and it gives us an opportunity to address any inconsistencies in the current provisions.”

The review incorporates analysis of other systems including FIFA’s, the Asian Football Confederation’s and other football leagues, as well as consultation with legal practitioners, former football players, the AFL, NRL, referees and the players’ association, Hyundai A-League clubs and State member federations.

Issues to be considered include whether hearings should be open to the media, hearing procedures, consistency with the FIFA Disciplinary Code, accumulation of yellow cards in the Hyundai A-League competition and public release of judgements.

The review is expected to report by the end of June

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