Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Football to surpass Rugby League TV Revenues?

The Daily Telegraph have printed this: Football to surpass TV revenues for Rugby League

THE battle of Australia's football codes is not confined to western Sydney, with soccer's TV rights tipped to rival AFL when a new deal is nutted out in 2013.

Leading media buyer and analyst Harold Mitchell claims soccer could surpass the NRL's $500 million deal and rub shoulders with the AFL.

Where will football be in Australia in six years? Where will you be?

It's a feel good story, but if Harry Mitchell predicts such treasures then football in Australia will have moved to another level beyond where it is just now.

Football in Australia is heading in one direction now. Want to get involved? Start planning now. If you'd like to be a writer, radio host, administrator, physio, or player or a ground cleaner in the future boom industry.

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