Friday, 18 April 2008

Hats off to Merryn Sherwood

Canberra Times journo Merryn Sherwood wrote a terrific article on the coming Canberra football season, published in Wednesday's paper.

Bet there were a few phone calls from the other codes after this article was published!

But you can only write what the public are saying, and it's about time it's been published. 17,000 registered players don't lie!

So well done Merryn and well done the Canberra Times. And if you liked the article why not send the editor a note of thanks.

Below are a few of the quotes included:

"I think compared to the likes of rugby, nothing against rugby, but as a parent, there is less chance of injury and I think it's just a safe, friendly game," Ms Katsoulis, Coach of Belnorth Football Club.

Capital Football CEO, Heather Reid said, "We are the only football code with a whole family approach to participation - boys, girls, men and women."

Ashley O'Connell, 12, Kamabah, is jumping out of her skin in anticipation of her first season in anticipation of her first season at Woden.

"They've had those classes in rugby or AFL at school now, it's all about soccer now, it seems to be the 'in thing'," Ms Sally O'Connell said.


Anonymous said...

hi Eamonn

Any chance of reproducing the Canberra Times article in full?

Eamonn said...

Hi Anonymous:)

There is a chance, I'm trying to get the copy so check back by Monday see if it's here

Anonymous said...

Thanx Eamonn - you are a champion!

In the article Heather Reid (who does a great job) mentioned that facilities were at "breaking point". Previously you had mentioned "whispers" of ground improvements and stadium plans for various clubs.

Any updates that you can share?