Friday, 18 April 2008

Merry month of May and June and....

Do you remember the old days?

The merry month of May. When it meant FA Cup Final midnight, UEFA Cup Final 4.30am, Euro Champs Final 4.30am and for me the Scottish Cup Final midnight; all worth watching on the telly. All made life a little more interesting as winter closed in around Canberra.

Well now we have the Socceroos v Ghana in May 7.30pm, Melbourne Victory v Juventus 8pm, FOUR Australian Asian Champions League games 7.30pm , closely followed by FOUR crucial World Cup Qualifiers for the Socceroos home games 8pm.

The Merry month of May and June no longer means watching football at 2am or 5am in the morning. Hey you might even be able to function at work after watching football in May. The quality and variety is all here, and there.

And I didn't even mention the Matildas in America in early May or in the Asian Cup in late May...or the Futsalroos in the Asian Cup in May in Bangkok.

It's all too much, I'll have to have a lie down to contemplate what this all means:)


The Round Ball Analyst said...

we're on the same wavelength with this one eammon...i've just written a piece with the same sentiment...might have paid to do a bit of surfing before writing it...anyway, i'm with you - cant believe how spolit we are, and dont know where to start looking. its great.

Eamonn said...

I suspect Tony there will be a few more writing about it as well in the coming days.

Don't worry we all have something to contribute, and different styles, and we all add to the football coverage in the country.

Interesting to see Channel 9 knocked back on live A-League coverage next year by Fox and also interesting to see Jubilant June is a month when AFL have a week off and League is focused on midweek Origin.

In the battle of the codes, AFL might need to get rid of that window, and League well they'll just be packing it as 323,000 watched the Manly Parra Friday nights game.

Oh to be a football fan in Australia in 2008:)

The Round Ball Analyst said...

yes eammon, the code wars are fascinating at the moment, and will continue...great to finally be in the mix in all of that and interesting to read that 9 want a piece us...