Monday, 21 April 2008

The Monday wrap.

Matildas, Carl Valeri, Boca Juniors to tour Australia, Olyroos World Cup draw for Beijing, Channel 9 want football, ACT Government spending.

It's all here...

Six Matildas are playing or will shortly head overseas to play for foreign clubs as women's football continues to evolve.

Trouble getting Socceroos back for internationals, now it's the Matildas. Lisa De Vanna, Kate Gill (Sweden) Heather Garriock (Denmark) Collette McCallum, Sarah Walsh and Caitlin Munoz ( USA) will all have to readjust their club schedule if they are to play for Australia in coming weeks.

Olyroos Beijing Under 23 World Cup draw. Olyroos draw Serbia, Argentina and Ivory Coast.

Boca Juniors, The South American and Argentinean giants are to tour Australia. The game will be televised on SBS, and yes they still cover football. They will play an unnamed A-League side at Canberra Stadium. Okay I made up the venue bit. But could you imagine the future possibilities.

Canberra's Carl Valeri looks safe from relegation in Serie B. A 5-3 away win for Grosseto saw Captain Valeri's team secure a place in next year's Serie B I reckon, but will Valeri still be at the club?

Channel 9 want to show one live A-League next season. Fox won't let them. With Channel 10 showing the Beckham festical, Channel 9 after an A-League game who will show the Juventus game?
Also makes reports that football will match or beat Rugby Leagues TV Revenue in the next TV deal, admittedly many year off, not so surprising. And wouldn't 500 mill dollars change football forever in Australia.

Locally, ACT Government announce $400,000 for improved lights for Hawker Oval, and preparation for Synthetic surface and Andrew Barr expects more funds in the budget. Watch this space!

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