Sunday, 27 April 2008

Monday wrap:

AIS, Matildas, Paul Okon, SBS telly talk, Tony Antonis, Kanga Cup, Harry Kewell, Sydney FC and more.

Paul Okon, David Zdrillic, Michael Valkanis, Carl Veart and Steve Corica are in Canberra this week. They are all currently undertaking their B Licence Coaching certificate.

Fourteen year old Sydney boy Terry Antonis is off to Everton in England. Fozzie says it's the most crucial issue facing Australia. Young player development.

Kanga Cup ad! Kanga Cup ad on SBS. Nearly fell off me seat!

Four Canberrans in the AIS team that lost 2-1 to Melbourne Knights in Ballaret on the Anzac Day.

Dane Milovanovic, Sam Munro, Ivan Pavlak and Kofi Danning all started. And Matthew Grbesa was on the Knights side. Any Youth League places for these players?

Matildas Big game today against USA, a side Australia has never beaten. A sold out crowd in North Carolina here's hoping the Aussies get a win.

Paul Okon will be on the Nearpost radio this week.

Harry Kewell to be called up for Ghana game. SBS reported this afternoon

Sydney FC aiming for 10,000 members. SBS highlighted the work Sydney are doing, finally, in developing relationships with junior clubs. Great work Sydney.


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