Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Nearpost Radio Tuesday

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National Show:
Former SBS Commentator, and now Gladiators host Andy Paschalidis talks about his new football project.
Meet the new Matilda. 16 yearold, Indigenous star midfielder/forward, Kyah Simon.
Fitsum, Michella and Eamonn look forward to the Asian Champions League.
And the Big Issue of the week. Can the Olyroos qualify? Dedications, Quiz questions and more.

Local Show;
Club Focus: Tuggeranong United FC.
Russell Gibbs Big Match report: Canberra Olympic v Canberra City
ACT Men's Premier League Season preview through the eyes of Russ, Tuggers Captain Jeremy Butler and Eamonn. We're bound to get it right.
All the scores, the week ahead.
Neil Zimmerman reports: AIS in the Foxtel Cup.
And more, oh just so much more!

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