Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Roy Masters: And your Sydney's best sports journo?

Roy Masters is the Sydney Morning Herald's Rugby League expert. He's also on the Board of the Australian Sports Commission

In his recent article factual errors abound.

The reality is that Sydney's parallel to the MCG is at Homebush and its equivalent of the 55,000-capacity Telstra Dome is the football stadium, with one NRL club playing there. Homebush's asset is its capacity, but the only games to fill it are the Bledisloe Cup, the NRL grand final and some State of Origin matches.

Dear Roy never seen a Socceroos game sell-out at Homebush...oh an oversight Roy surely:), even for one of Australia's "finest" journo's.

And of course he starts his article with mindless Royism's

Australia's two most popular football codes are celebrating anniversaries this season. Rugby league was 100 years old last Sunday, when Wests and Balmain re-enacted the code's beginning at Birchgrove Oval.

On what criteria Roy are they the most popular?

Numbers who play?
Professional sport across most States?
Most juniors?
Biggest National Team viewing audiences?
Biggest Grand Final viewing audiences?
Most women playing?

They may be the most popular sports Roy, in your eyes and many others, but I'm not sure they'd win all the categories would they?

Anyway Roy you're the foremost Sports Commentator in Sydney, a member of the Australian Sports Commission, I'm sure you're not biased are you! You just conveniently forget to include Socceroos v Uruguay..and the forthcoming match v watch.

Here's the rest of Roy's article. Basically talked of how Sydney transport is to blame for poor League crowds compared to AFL in Melbourne.

Yeah Roy, come and have a chat next time your in Canberra at one of your Sports Commission meetings, I'll give you a dose of reality...mate!

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