Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Sport and politics do mix

Some say Sport and Politics don't and shouldn't mix. Dream on!

Sport is a vital part of Australian life, community life, and with the coming ACT elections it's interesting to see people standing for the local assembly with a keen interest in football.

The Labor parliament are currently spending $400,000 on Hawker lighting and pitch preparation. And expect a further football announcement in next months budget.

But of course their lack of support for an A-League bid leaves me cold.

And the Liberals have a leader in Zed Seselja who lists soccer as an interest. And former Soccer Canberra CEO Steve Doszpot, Brindabella Blues Under 8 Coach and Brindabella Blues Over 45 is also standing under the Liberal ticket.

Whatever your political view, from a football bloggers one-eyed view the more football people in the Assembly the better....and about time.

And with a huge community we need to have a loud voice in the local assembly.

Got any more Assembly candidates with a football edge, let me know.

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