Thursday, 22 May 2008

Adelaide through but who will ban Changchun

Ban the Chinese

Adelaide United qualified for the next leg of the Asian Champions League. A hard, nervy fought 0-0 draw was enough. For me the best player on the park was Aurelio Vidmar, closely followed by Nathan Burns. A great result for Adelaide and Australia.

But what about the Changchun fans. Who's going to ban them?

A number of bottles rained down as Lucas Pantelis went to take a corner late on. The Changchun fans clearly frustrated by their teams inability to score threw a number of bottles on to the pitch. With a running track around the stadium this was no mean feat.

So let's see what action the AFC will take. Ban them I say.

This isn't 1970's England. Chucking bottles on is so old-fashioned, and dangerous. Let's see the AFC set a standard right now.

Chuck the club out of Asia or at least make them play some games away from home or behind closed doors, and fine the Chinese FA.

But my guess is nothing will happen because the whole sporting world seems a little afraid of the Chinese at the moment.


Paul said...

This kind of behaviour takes me back... to the first season of the A-League, where toilet rolls were thrown at an Adelaide United player taking a corner at Olympic Park. And I still remember the coin that hit the top of my head. They should ban them, but they won't.

Eamonn said...

Same when the Jets fans chucked a load of bottles on the pitch around the Squadron area, nothing was done.

Aussie sports, AFL, League and Cricket and Football haven't really sorted this one yet. They need to.