Friday, 30 May 2008

Blog talk..and me!

The Football Tragic's gone, but you're stuck with me:)

Blogs are still relatively new, particularly in Australian Football. But sadly one of our best bloggers Mike Salter
is retiring from the world of football blogging. Good luck Mikey you'll be missed. Let's hope we see another quality Aussie blogger arise from the terraces in Season 4.

Interestingly blogs get invaded occasionally on a daily, weekly, basis by the most unlikely of sources.

This blog continues to rise in hits. Hardly earth shattering numbers to some, but around 200 people a day come here. Hello!

And many over a month are repeat visitors.

A blog knows no boundaries. Only Government Departments and Large Companies can stop people visiting this one, and they do!

In recent weeks I've received emails from Japan, UK, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Italy and across Australia. All are interesting, often wise, rarely insulting. I'm please to say. All talk the language of the World, football.

Occasionally we get fans invading from around the world.

I mentioned Joe Simunic would be interested in moving to Celtic or Rangers on this blog around January. Some Celtic fan put it on a website some 3 months later, and it wasn't me, and the hits to this site went up by 500% in one day.

Similarly when news of Wellington Phoenix bringing their Youth team to Canberra, fans from Wellington came in their swarm to give this blog it's biggest ever single day total.

And this week, I've been invaded by Everton fans Presumably for writing something about Wayne Rooney the former Evertonian making a great pass for Man United.

Any talk of Socceroos, particularly around game time always lifts the hits.

Women's football attracts significant, consistent interest. Where else can you go to get weekly news of the Matildas. Got me beat, but let me know if you know a site.

But mostly the blog hums along, with a steady but significant rise, doubling it's daily viewers over the last three months.

Not bad for a guy "unable to work due to poor health," that's what my employer of 4,000 teachers said. Dumped from the Australian booming economy at 43! Great, bloody great.

They couldn't find a way to keep me! My skills were that bad?

So through the computer in my front room, football, blogging, and podcasting has enabled me to learn new skills, interview many stars of the game, and mostly through my phone.

I go to maybe five games live a year, and this is reducing, but the TV is a wonderful thing! Thank God for Foxtel.

Ok I can't walk too far, spend afternoons, every afternoon in bed. I know I know you dream of such luxury. I have a number of medical problems too tedious to mention, but like the guy from Monty Python with his hands and legs cut off, "Come on I'm still fighting,"

So while Mikey, the Football Tragic may be gone, moving onwards, and hopefully upwards, I suspect I'll be around for a while yet, unless my sodding health improves.

Socceroos, Matildas to win. Anyone, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Go you good things! Hope the Matilda's keep marching on strongly.
Why does SBS put the highlights package on at 5pm when most are still out at work?
I hope you do keep the blog going for a long time to come as we rely on it to get info now about womens football.

Danielle Warby said...

Hi Eamonn,

If you and your readers are looking for a site with Matildas news, I have one!!

It's called Sporting Sheilas and the purpose of my site is to promote Australia's national Women's sporting teams including the Matildas (I am a soccer freak myself!) as well as League, Union and Cricket.

At the moment, I'm just getting the ball rolling on Facebook but the site will be live in the very near future. We'll have blogs, podcasts and vodcasts with news, reviews and interviews.

I hope this is something you and your readers will be interested in.


Eamonn said...

Cheers Danielle

I'll put a link on this site.

Top work!