Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Come on you Reds!

Adelaide United take on the Pohang Steelers, a depleted Pohang Steelers at Hindmarsh tonight. The game is live on Fox and we could see the first Aussie side qualify for the next round if other results go their way.

Cassio is out as is Ange Costanzo. Robbie Cornthwaite will come into defence and seemingly Lucas Pantelis will play left-back.

The dearth of Aussie left sided players, particularly left-back continues to cause problems for clubs.

Still with fantastic home support last time, Nathurn Burns and the Reds produced marvelous entertainment.

Here's hoping for another win. And a draw for Changchun in Vietnam and Adelaide would the first Aussie side to reach the Quarter Finals.

That would be great for Australian football, not so good perhaps for their A-League plans as games would be played midweek across Asia during the A-League season.

So fire up Adelaide, here's hoping for a Nathan Burns/Travis Dodd inspired win tonight.

Game is live on Fox at 8pm AEST.

Prediction: Adelaide 2 Pohang 1.

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