Tuesday, 20 May 2008

FFA: Can Canberra kids have their money back?

From the FFA

To sustain the growth of the game and to allow FFA to provide national leadership in the development
and implementation of the programs listed above, the national registration fees have been set as
- Junior Player $10.00 including GST
- Amateur Player $20.00 including GST
- Contracted Player $55.00 including GST

That's right, that's what we pay the FFA, every little tacker in Canberra. All 17,000 registered players.

And in return. No A-League team, No National Youth Team, No Women's National Team, and No State League teams, no FFA Leadership.

We're doing our bit in Canberra. We've got 17,000 signed up, (how many more do you want?)and paid up, and football volunteers running and building clubs and football communities.We're spreading the word, the game. So you, the FFA, can do what exactly for this town, this football community.

Where is the FFA assistance to the Capital of Australia. Not even a Women's National Team allowed in! Wait until I tell Kevin07 that of the $32 mill you got in the budget, none, I mean NONE is going to a women's team in the Capital.

We've got more female participants than Victoria but we can't have a national team. Why? Because the FFA say so!

We've got more females in National Women's teams combined than the whole of Victoria!

You've not heard the last from me on this:)


Michael West said...

And we don't even get a A-League Pre-Season Cup match in Canberra!!

Eamonn said...


We are getting a pre-season, preseason game! A friendly.

Grand Final replay before the Pre-Season at Canberra Stadium Mariners v Newcastle prob July 12th.

Not much to get excited about in my book

Paul said...

the Pumpkin Seed Eaters interview with FFV CEO Mark Rendell explains Australian soccer's financial model... basically the FFA has a giant vacuum sucking everything upwards, and maybe a crumb will fall to regional plebs... and disgruntled members of effnik fiefdoms.