Friday, 16 May 2008

Frank Lowy: Canberra football doomed?

Frank, dear Frank, talking on Total Football last night spoke about the A-League getting to TWELVE teams. He didn't say 14, or 16. He said 12.

Four new clubs will take a long long time to bed down. And it is doubtful, in my view, that we will go beyond that. Ever. Certainly not for ten years.

Soooo Gold Coast and Townsville are pushing hard, certainties it seems. And of course a second Sydney and Melbourne team is desirable and again certainties.

So Canberra football despite the poll showing in this blog, has little or no chance.

Is there a clever, smart, visionary cashed up bid hiding under Lake Burley Griffin. Unless you know something I don't the City is doomed!

So in Canberra football is reduced to building Clubhouses, chook runs, and telling everyone how many players we have registered. Not that exciting is it?


Anonymous said...

lowy won`t be around forever.

i am looking forward to townsville getting a team (my hometown is near there). dunno bout this ian rush talk though. if tville can support a team, why not canberra?


Eamonn said...

Why not Canberra indeed.

Just requires energy, vision and money and passion....of one person to drive it.....but you never know.

Personally think we'd need to beat Townsville to get in, and we are behind the eight ball it seems.

Paul said...

By Toutatis, Eamonn! At this rate even South will be in there before you guys. But seriously, should we just relocate to Canberra? Might improve both our chances of making it to the big time, or more likely, destroy any hope of it ever happening.

Isn't there anyone up there with a dump truck full of money, ready to splash it all on football? I thought you folk were mean to be the smartest people in the country.

Eamonn said...

Please do locate, coz you are ahead of us even with your history and the FFA@s policy. Can you believe that? You are ahead of Canberra?

Come to Canberra you are most welcome, but make sure you've got the dosh.

We need $3o mill over 10 years, not all from you, but a nice chunk to get us going.

We have the grassroots we need the dosh, Dubai won't invest it's too cold for em...

so if you've got the dosh I can get my people to contact your people

And I've played for Canberra Olympic...if that helps sway the deal:)

We've got the stadium, the grassroots hey the name Canberra South, nice strip and away we go!

Paul said...

I reckon if we name the club Beitar Southern Canberra or Maccabi Canberra South we're in! As long as we find that dump truck full of money... it has to be out there somewhere... I can't understand it Eamonn, how one of the most maligned clubs in the country can still be, theoretically at least, ahead of a Canberra bid. Madness I tell ya. At this rate they'll be having a club in Fitzroy Crossing and a club in London for all the expats before you guys get a go.

Eamonn said...

we have one last hope there is one guy with a truckload of money, watch this space, and never give up hope,

but you are definitely ahead of Canberra as we speak.

And with the Brumbies rumoured to be in dire straits, things are not looking good for Canberra Professional sport.

Martin said...

Don't worry Eamonn, next time you hear Lowy talk about expansion he'll talk about 14 teams, as Ben Buckley has in recent times. Sometimes Frank gets a little hazy on the details, but if there is one thing he is good at it is expanding his empire. It will get to 14 teams, though maybe not as quick as you and I would like. And when it does there will be teams for Canberra and Tassie.