Tuesday, 20 May 2008

India in the new Asian Champions League.

AFC are reporting:

Japan, Korea Republic, Australia, China, Indonesia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Iran and India have been confirmed as participants, after a thorough assessment of their eligibility, in the 2009 AFC Champions League to be relaunched on completely professional lines.

Great to see India in there. Looking forward to the relaunch already. How many Aussie teams?

Oh and will Canberra get in...ha ha ha!


The Round Ball Analyst said...

Some interesting omissions eammon..

Vietnam was expected on performances, but those of Uzbek and Syrian teams have been pretty damn good...suprised about their omission

Eamonn said...

Tony, you're right.

Uzbekistan have really shook the comp and will threaten us for the World Cup imo.

here's the info meausrement charts