Sunday, 25 May 2008

Monday Wrap: Do you trust Sepp Blatter?

Sepp Blatter, Shop at Coles, Football feel good story, Iraq game in doubt, Matildas Asia Cup on the telly.

Iraq game is in doubt. Decision expected Tuesday. With $3 million tickets sold for the Socceroos/Iraq game the FFA will be sweating on the American....I mean Iraqi governments decision.

Do you trust FIFA President Sepp Blatter? He promised Australia World Cup places before, now he's teasing us with the "World Cup 2018 bid."

But the only reason we'll get it is because the Sydney Olympics has left a greatlegacy for everyone who came. So you just never know.

Shop at Coles.

Shopping and football. The perfect match? Well Australian food giant Coles have appointed former Glasgow Celtic FC Chief Executive Ian Maclean to run the show. Expect green and white bags at the checkout anyday now. And I've always hated Woolies.

Man United fan done good I reckon.

All English fans had to show their tickets to the Champions League Final, both at their point of exit from England and their point of entry to Russia.

No "extra" fans were allowed in the city. Thus avoiding scenes similar to those by Rangers fans after the UEFA Cup in Manchester the previous week.

And one fan had an extra ticket to sell. But there was no fans, touts, to sell it to. So he went up to a teenager who was selling United scarves and badges.

"Got a ticket for the game?" said the United fan.

"No" said the young fella.

"Here's one...for free."

And the lad left the stall there and then and ran into the ground. He'll never forget that will he!

Matilda Highlights

Asian Cup Matilda highlights will be shown on SBS. Starting 5pm this Friday. (The Matildas first game is on Wednesday.)

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