Saturday, 3 May 2008

Sally Shipard writes from Alabama

Matildas Star Sally Shipard writes from Alabama:
You can hear Sally interviewing Lauren Colthorpe on the Nearpost radio on Tuesday.

This from Sally:
Hi Eamonn,
We are in Alabama (Forest Gump territory) - we play our final game today.

We are in Alabama (Forest Gump territory) - we play our final game today.
Last Sunday we had our first encounter with the USA. The conditions were dismal before kick-off which delayed play for an hour. At one stage we were all convinced the game would be cancelled.

The result was 3-2; the US scored the winning goal with just a few minutes to play...They deserved to win the match, it would of been great for us to hold on to the draw.

Heather Garriock reached the magic milestone of 100 International Caps- considering she is only 25, this is quite an achievement.

A few days later we flew to Birmingham in Alabama, to prepare for our final match against the US. Although we are only training one session a day, the intensity is quite high. This makes sense, as we are playing these international friendlies in preparation for our Asian Cup in June.

More Internationals have been scheduled against Canada, who will be touring Australia this month. We will be playing them in Sydney on the 20th and 23rd.

The first game will be ‘closed’ and the second match will be played as a curtain raiser before the Socceroos play Ghana. So we are all looking forward to that.

So after the game tomorrow afternoon, it will be back to the ‘real world’. Lots of uni work to catch up time for the months we will all be away for the Asian and Peace Cup.


Eamonn: Thanks for the update Sal.

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