Tuesday, 13 May 2008

SBS: Talk about whingers!

It used to stand for Soccer Bloody Soccer, now it's Soccer Bagging Soccer....and we love it.

Take your pick. At SBS, you can read the Opinion pieces by Australia's finest Grumpy Old Men, and some not so Old, but very Grumpy:

Can you imagine the Tea-room at SBS. Les muttering and chuntering about the English, Fozzie walking behind smiling and agreeing, occasionally moving a chair so the master doesn't spill his tea, Jesse Fink complaining about the lack of funds for the sugar, and young upstart Scott McIntyre shouting, "Where's the Asia tea, English Breakfast, pah I say!"

You can read pieces about bagging the English Premier League, but if you are not happy with that, let's bag the Player Agents, no wait Harry Kewell give him a serve, and just in case that wasn't enough. Let's bag the A-League clubs in Asia. All in just a few days!

Sir Les Murray, Mr Football God Bless Him, tells us that the English league isn't the best in the world, just the richest. What he should have added is "we don't have the TV rights," but he does say the best league in the World is "the Champions League," and yes you guessed it SBS have the rights. Tongue in cheek I know Sir Les but read on.

Jesse Fink, despises Player Agents, fair enough, doesn't everyone except the players? Nice easy target, then he sticks the boot into Harry Kewell. Suggesting Harry should play and stay at Liverpool for nothing or on much reduced wages.

Poor Harry having to live in England without $300,000 per week. Well nice try Jesse but why did you leave News Limited? Nothing to do with the money I hope, because I think, personally, you should have stayed. Produced something to pay back the lame weeks you had occasionally, okay there were only a few, but still bet you took your dosh.

And Scott McIntyre bags out Aussie clubs in Asia. Basically if Adelaide don't win against a Chinese side that have lost their last three games, well what are the Aussies sides worth. Seems Scott doesn't want the Aussies to succeed.

We've been in the ACL nearly two whole years, have only missed qualification on the last day once, maybe twice if it happens this year, and according to Scott we've learnt little, and whinge about injuries, travel and salary caps.

And Adelaide did beat the Koreans ACL representatives twice, but of course this in no longer enough says Scott

Adelaide, under the stewardship of Aurelio Vidmar, has shown they’ve learnt from the experience of a failed campaign but are yet to strike a decisive blow against comparatively weak opposition this year (the 6th best side in Korea last year, for example).

We all love Opinions but can't anyone write anything uplifting and positive about football at SBS?

Come on guys I dare you.

Oh I forgot the Euro's. We'll be writing reams of joy about that won't we, but then having EIGHT games live, a nice trip to Europe, and it will be all great football with Engerland at home in their beds.

Who's side are you guys on anyway, just remind me!


Anonymous said...

hehe, i am still getting over one of the sbs guys saying that barca was the better "footballing" side while man u was the more "dangerous" side ...

if you aren`t dangerous how can you call it good football? the word `toothless` comes to mind ...

i was puzzling over it until i remembered that i was at the sbs website and i was reading a rant.

now i read that `wayne carey glassed your wife` when i want to see a rant. especially a tasteless one.


Eamonn said...

The Wayne Carey rants are pretty full on.

just wondering if SBS could employ one or two to take an alternative view...a positive view of English football, A-League football, Harry Kewell's difficulties, there must be some positive football stories out there:)

Next on the whiteboard list at SBS:
A_League should close, if Adelaide lose in China.
A penalty shoot-out at Euro Champs final will mean English football really is, "I told you so"
Arnie is crap when his side loses to Argentina.
Pim Verbeek to get slaughtered when we lose to Ghana then god forbid any WCQ
Tom Sermanni to get the boot if Matidas don't win AFC
Oh and best Euro series ever without England the quality of football just so high lead by Greece!
Oh and why Harry Kewell was wrong to choose Fulham, Celtic or anyone apart from AC Milan or Juve.

Paul said...

Hey, Greece is actually playing a quite different brand of football this time around... and you also forgot to mention that the Futsalroos should be should be shot if they don't beat Thailand, and every junior across the land to play only Futsal until we win the Futsal World Cup.

Oh, and go Futsalroos! Go Fernando!

Eamonn said...

does mean Greece will lose Paul?

And Thailand have a professional league full-time for Futsal...but we still should win

and nice to see Fernando, one Victorian out of 4.5 mill can play Futsal:)