Thursday, 1 May 2008

Simon Hill 3 Fozzie 1

So we all know the best team in Europe, Barcelona, are out.

Why because Fozzie has been telling anyone who is listening that the best football team is never English. Even if they have a load of foreigners in their side.

"Manchester United could never outplay Barcelona," said Fozzie this morning.

But Dear Fozzie,

You have it wrong.

Football is a business and it is about winning. It's also about passion
Football is also about fans, and every fan at every club wants to win a semi-final, no matter how they play. Believe me!

Without fans, there would be no passion, no TV, and no Fozzie!

The Spanish, the Dutch, Scots, Argentineans and especially the English fans all want to win. Sure they want to play the beautiful game, but they also understand what Fozzie never does.

It's not always possible to play the beautiful game.

And who is to say one way of playing is better or more beautiful. Well clearly Fozzie, but Fozzie isn't coaching, isn't restricted by players, budgets, or the short-term goals of Club Owners and the people who demand success, the fans.

Fozzie can preach to us all. Almost zealot like, demanding that we love Barca or AC Milan and the way they play.

Simon Hill called it tonight, and if I didn't know better, I'd have thoughthe was sending a message to Fozzie and his old mates at SBS.

"The game is about winning," said Simon or words to that effect...and United won.

Can Fozzie enjoy an all English final or will viewers have to listen to hours of complaining about the style of play, and how Barca aren't there.

Goals win games Foz and your teams are out.

And btw Foz it's entertainment, so lighten up and enjoy the game.

It's a final. It may well be dull, but please highlight the joy of the game no matter how limited.

It will be 5am in the morning and waking up to hear you tell me how dull these sides are at half-time. Frankly Fozzie I'm over it, and so are me mates!

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