Friday, 9 May 2008

We still call Australia home?

PFA Boss Brendan Schwab reckons Aussie are increasingly staying or planning to stay in Australia to play their football.

PFA says, the A-League and growth of the game is encouraging young players to stay longer. That's an important development in my view.

They also say, "one in four are intending to play all their football in Australia." I don't believe this has changed since the days of the NSL.

But how many are planning to stay in Canberra?!?

From the FourFourTwo website

Schwab said:

"Our players surveys are increasingly showing that players see their futures in Australia.

"Over 40 per cent of the A-League players last year have indicated to us that they don't intend to transfer overseas for at least three years and around one in four plan to spend the rest of their career in the A-League.

"That's a very encouraging trend. Players know they are at the table (with a CBA in place), they know they will be protected in the event of injury, they know the financial benefits will increase and that the A-League will become increasingly attractive."

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Anonymous said...

its easy to forget about these guys, the guys who`ll make a living playing the game they love, know they aren`t going overseas, and who won`t be retiring after their playing days are finished. the kind of guys who were never tagged as the next kewell.

but they are important,to move forward the level of the whole competition has to rise (over time). what`s the old saying, a chain is only as strong as the weakest link.

the yanks are an interesting comparison, their minimum salary is below the poverty line - $15000 us or something like that.