Friday, 6 June 2008

Canberran meets the stars.

Do you know these Internationals?

Former Canberra Football Tragic Rod Lynes played in a Masters 7-a-side Tournament in Bangkok last weekend. It is a yearly event. But do you recognise the members of the All-Star who were in the same tournament.

A Clue: They are all Welsh or English former Internationals, apart from Rod he's a Socceroos, Rangers and Coventry City fan and he's the one in between the former Liverpool and Everton players. And Canberran and ex-Reading Captain Andrew Bernal was also in the tournament.

Answers below.

Ian Rush, Rod Lynes, Peter Reid and Viv Anderson.

Rod sent the details through:

From left to right contains the following members of the All Star team and was taken at the dinner on the Sunday night:

Ian Rush - ex-Liverpool, Leeds United and Wales. Scorer of a record five goals in FA Cup Finals. I (Rod) was at (the old) Wembley in 1986 and saw him score two in Liverpool's 3-1 victory over Everton. I think, until recently, he may have been the record scorer in the European Cup/Champions League (did Raul just overtake his goal tally?). Didn't talk much at the dinner.

Peter Reid - ex-Bolton, Everton, Manchester City, some other clubs who I don't recall and England. Ex-manager of Manchester City, Coventry, Sunderland and probably others. Played in the above mentioned FA Cup Final for Everton. At the dinner, told some great stories regarding Everton 1985 when they had a great team, and England 1986 World Cup (he was one of the first players Diego dribbled past en-route to 'that' goal).

Viv Anderson - ex-Nottingham Forest, Arsenal, Manchester United, Sheffield Wednesday and England. The first black guy to play for England at senior level. Told some great Brian Clough stories including tales of two European Cup victories (he played in the two Forest European Cup victories in 1979 and 1980), also some good Alex Ferguson stories (he was the Hairdryer's first signing for Manchester United, apparently - I wouldn't have realised that).

Unfortunately my teams did not play against the All-Stars. They (All Stars) got knocked out in the quarter-finals. All Star team also featured some Australians: Andrew Bernal (from Canberra, ex-Narrabundah FC, AIS, Ipswich, Reading, team in Spain who I can't recall, Sydney Olympic), Milan Blagojevic ( ex-Australian international, Sydney Olympic, ex-Nerds FC assistant coach and seemingly now coaching in the NSW State League), Warren Spink (ex-AIS, and NSL clubs).

Also bumped into Guy Sadler (ex Sabres FC head honcho and ex-Canberra City) who played for a team called the Vietnam All-Stars (despite the fact he now currently lives in Dubai, apparently).

I didn't get a chance to talk to any of the All Stars at the dinner unfortunately - the photos were all I could manage. Lets just say they were in demand.

Anyway, an enjoyable weekend despite my teams being atrocious.

Good one Rod, and weren't your teams always atrocious:) Eamonn

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