Thursday, 10 July 2008

Former Socceroo Andrew Bernal signs up!

Andrew Bernal, Canberra born, Narrabundah FC, former Socceroo, ex-Reading FC Captain and David Beckhams personal advisor when Becks moved to Real Madrid (Andrew speaks Spanish)has signed up.

As has Andrew Young former National Soccer League Canberra Metros player and Socceroo and Fulham FC Fitness and Conditioning Head Coach.

The support from our talented footballers and experts within the game is growing as word spreads. And let's face it we have plenty of football knowledge and expertise within the ranks of our Canberra community here and across the World


Anonymous said...

Were has Andrew Bernal signed up it doesnt say or at which club is he at now in September 2008 .
It would be great to know where our old socceroos are at now. Does anyone have an answer to this question.

Were is Andrew Bernal Now?

Eamonn said...

Well this post referred to the original fan interest site not the Foundation Members.

Where is Andrew now? Well he's long-time retired. Last I heard he was involved in promoting a new football boot with some fellow footballers from Melbourne I believe.