Monday, 11 August 2008

400 Members: Local Legends signing up!

400 Football believers have got behind the Ivan Slavich lead Canberra A-League bid and become Foundation Members, and there are some local legends signing up.....

Here's just a few:
Former Canberra Times football journo Graham Cooke, Paul Murphy, Referee, Angelo Konstantinou, Futsalroo, Canberra A-League Ambassador Amelia Efkarpidis, Canberra FC's Bernie Lustica, Belconnen United's Steve Forshaw, ANU Lecturer and Glasgow Rangers fan Alastair Greig, Football writer Nik Guoth, Tony Bush (Goulburn) Cor Van Leeuwen (Cooma FC) Cass Hampton and Gail McNamara (ANU) and

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