Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Canberra United: Coach announced Friday.

Young Matildas lost 4-3 today to Japan Under 19's, but in other local news the Coach of Canberra United will be announced on Friday morning.


Anonymous said...

Who are the Canberra girls in camp with the Young Matilda's? How did they go against Japan?

Anonymous said...

Very open game which to be fair should have been won by Japan by a bigger margin. Very good on the ball and very well drilled as a unit which you would expect seeing as they have been together for over a year.

I think the Aussie girls can be a match for them when they meet in qualifiers next year however. They haven't had much time together yet and was probably one the key differences between the 2 teams

Anonymous said...

I am a bit confused. Wasn't that the Japan u/17 squad and the YMs are our u/20 squad. If so we won't be meeting them next year.

Result was the same against our u/17s (basically 15 year olds). Maybe not such a good result after all! Either our u/17s are very good or the u/20s are...!!

Anonymous said...

I believe both teams have done pretty well so far, would be better if they had spent more time together. This is only day 2 of the second camp for the new under 20 squad with a lot of new faces.
They will get another chance on Friday and then the next camp in September against China. Go well girls.

Anonymous said...

So who is in this 'new' squad? There msut be quite a few backing up from last year as the justicication for doing so poorly then was that the players were very young.

Eamonn said...

I'll interview Coach Alen Stajic after tomorrow's game for Tuesday's radio, Wed. Podcast..and take on board the above comments

anything anyone would like to away I'll see what I can do..failing that I'll do my best:)

Anonymous said...

The YM squad that played yesterday are all aged between U15 and U18 (and I think there were only 3 or 4 18's anyway) so were in fact playing against their peers from Japan. Our girls are being selected for the World Cup in 2010 hence no player older than 18. As part of the qualifiers for 2010, we will I expect be playing against the majority of the current Japanese squad here at the moment

Our U17's also looking ahead to 2010 had no players older than U15 but did for the game on Monday have help from Canberra's ACTAS squad and the 3 local Matilda's. I believe that they also played against the younger Japanese players in the touring squad so its probably not fair to compare the 2 results