Friday, 22 August 2008

Ivan Slavich: Update on A-League bid.

Ivan has sent a message to Foundation Message. I'm one so I got the email. But the update is in full below.

Dear Foundation Member

Wow! What an amazing few weeks we have had in regards to the A-League4Canberra bid. Firstly I must say thank you for signing up to become a Foundation Member, we are certainly on our way to achieving the goal of bringing an A-League team to Canberra.

I would like to present to you a few dot points on what has been achieved so far and what is still required:

Website up and running

Meeting with Football Federation Australia (FFA) to discuss Canberra’s bid

Ambassador program instigated by Eamonn Flanagan (ambassadors to sign up 10 members and each of those 10 sign up another 1 member)

ACT Government support with a $2.5m commitment (plus ongoing support)

Discussions with very keen investors ongoing and progressing well
Foundation members signed up to date is 548 and still climbing daily

Still in progress/required:

Foundation membership - we need your help to acquire the 5000 foundation members - to show FFA that Canberra is serious about having an A-League team of our own! Help us spread the word
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Also just a reminder for the great benefits of becoming a foundation member is:

Numbered certificate recognising foundation membership
Discounted season tickets
Free entry to ACT Premier League games for 5 years
Free entry to ACT W - League competition for next 5 years
A say in the club at Board level

Kind regards,
Ivan Slavich


Anonymous said...

does being a foundation member means you're a part owner of the club?

Eamonn said...

Well, a tiny ownership if someone is putting in $500,000 and you are putting in $200 that's the size of it I guess.

Anonymous said...

If they form a company/corporation and defined that one share is $200...then there may be more people to buy the shares. They are not clear what is a foundation member, whether as a foundation member you are also an owner or just like you're signing up for a YMCA membership or gym membership so that you can be part of that group. I would rather own one share at $200 than a membership at $200. Read somewhere that they needed at least $5 million to initialise the bidding process, that would be 2,500 shares at $200 per share. The person who's putting in $500,000 would get 2,500 shares, and the person who's putting in $200 would get 1 share. At least owning a share gives you the potential for dividends and that you support the club so you would do whatever necessary for its success such as attending the games, buying their goods, etc... but owning a membership just say you support the club.

Anonymous said...

I want to be an owner, not just a member. I would still fork out few thousands of dollars to be an owner, even if a share of the club is $100 a piece. This bid leader urge people who are interested to be investors to contact him, but I have yet to hear from him. Must be that I don't have $500,000 to invest so they are not interested in my few thousands? May be this urging is just to get attention and there's already some rich people who's taking ownership of all of it (like the Gold Coast team)? I don't just want a membership like those Fly-Buy cards...If someone could please tell that bid leader that there are people like me who may not have millions of dollars to invest in such a club but willing to invest a few thousands of dollars?

Eamonn said...

I can't speak for Ivan..but my understanding is he would like a number (5) of $500,000 investors.

Smaller investors at this stage can:
Buy a Foundation Membership and get a say in the running of the club/board.
Buy more Foundation memberships $5000 worth and get a bigger say in presumbly voting the Membership representative on to the Board.

small sponsorships etc will always be available.

But what you seem to be saying is you want to invest but don't have $500,000. Foundation Memberships (total $1,000,000 might equal two board places?), buy as many as you want will give you your best opportunity.

That's my understanding..put them all in your own name.

5000/200 250 when the 5000 people vote on 1 or 2 board places you'll have 250 votes.

I'll put your thought to Ivan in the next few days and get some feedback.

Feel free to email me privately or give me a call.



Anonymous said...

I don't think we're on the same wavelength here. Simply I don't want multiple memberships that are all in my name, what's the reason for having 25 memberships for $5,000 which each membership gives me the same benefits? Get what I'm saying?....I cannot be 25 multiples of myself and get the same benefits to the same game!!! There is only one of me for each game, there is no point to attend the same game 25 times. I had thought that the purpose of those 5000 members was to show FFA that Canberra has that many people interested in having their own A-League team, not that there are 5000 investors/owners for an A-League club already. There is a big different between being a member and being an owner. Besides, 5 owners at $500,000 each only comes to $2,500,000 and where are the rest coming from? If the minimum the club needs is $5,000,000 to initialise the bidding process and that a decent annual budget is $8 million (similar to other clubs), raising that minimum just to get started will definitely be a sucide process. At minimum is that the club needs a budget, money ready in hand, to last at least 3 to 5 seasons.

Anonymous said...

few more things, if the aim is to get 10,000 spectators per game, would it be easier to get 10,000 owners to attend a game as it would be like you shopping at your own store, supporting your own business? Well, at $200 per share of ownership then 10,000 owners would get $2,000,000 in the club budget; and if the annual budget is $10 million then $2 million is already 20% of that budget. Also the salary cap for the players in the A-League, the most important people in the club, is under $2 million per season so the owners' contribution alone already pay for the players' salaries. If I am an owner, I would have no fuss to contribute $200 a year to my business/club for as long as I live. :)

Eamonn said...

Agreed I wasn't on the same wavelength.

And you make complete sense to me. Rather than debate the obvious, I will forward your comments to the Ivan Slavich and the Bid Committee.

And see what, if any reply, I/We get.

Eamonn said...

if you wish to email me privately I'd be more than happy to let you know the response I got. flanagan(DOT)