Friday, 15 August 2008

Matildas Stars at Majura tonight

Matildas Star: Amy Chapman in action

Matildas Stars Caitlin Munoz and Amy Chapman will be taking a number of Majura girls teams through their paces at training tonight.

And it's great to see the stars giving their time to our future players. And unlike the men they don't have a full time salary from football, so it's an extra effort for these players.

And of course with all the build up to the W-League about to start I'm sure the young girls will have a heap of fun with Caitlin and Amy.

To get a photo or autograph jog along to Dickson Oval just before 4.30pm.


Anonymous said...

all very quiet on the W league. Do we have a coach? Do we have any players?

Eamonn said...

Yes we have no Coach, and yes we have no players.

Coach to be appointed next month, or asap think interviews were last week or maybe this.

Players, well like the men, you can play anywhere, IT'S NOT A STATE COMP it's a National league.

And players will want to go where the Coach is that suits them and/or where the dosh is, particularly the Matildas.

I'm sure they will be approached by other teams, especially if anyone has any money to offer.

But here's hoping they all stay in Canberra and form the team. Would be great wouldn't it?

Apparently few if any teams are paying, maybe only Queensland but I'd love to see a Sponsor put in $50,000 and Canberra United players get some money, we could even attract one or two maybe. After all we want to be competitive don't we?

Once the Coach is appointed I expect you'll hear a lot very quickly from the Coach, in the Canberra Times etc

Anonymous said...

I hope soemthing happens soon. it would be a pity if our players got picked up by other states. I hear Vicoria and South Australia are actively approaching players.