Thursday, 30 April 2009

Junior Football: It's back

How long before you hear one of these comments:

Loitering, yes we're talking about the lazy striker planted by the other coach.
Small Sided Games...whatderyermean it's good for em, just boot it will ya.
Hey Ref...where's your specks.
Hey Coach..what about my son..oh so I am the Coach now!
Who's got the whistle, any whistle.
That didn't go in, where's the net.
He's offside I'm telling youse. What is offside anyway?
Don't dribble it, pass it (to my kid)
I'll be back, what time does the game finish?

Oh yes Junior Football is back, over 12,000 kids in Canberra will do their best, can't wait....but steel yourself..and not just for the early starts and cold mornings.

May the kid have fun.

And remember the Ref's, the Coach and the Club's only a game and we need them everyone of them and more.

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