Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Mark Viduka: You can do it?

He's back, the big fella, but his team is going down.

52,000 Geordies will be crying in their beer if as expected they don't get the points they need in the next four games.

And it will make for great TV....unless you are a Geordie fan.

Must admit watching the last game of the English season is always a hoot, something about watching football fans cying when their team goes down...gets me everytime...

anyway on to the Master...

He's back and playing and judging by his attempts on goal against Portsmouth his touch has deserted him, or more like his luck.

And he's out of contract, but with a World Cup looming where now for the injury prone 33 year old?

He'll want another contract and the A-League is not an option either financially or in terms of World Cup preparation; our season finishes in March....although can you imagine if he did come back...I'll stop there.

The big man has missed most of his two year contract with Newcastle due to injury and he's slowed a lot already, and finds it harder and harder to get back to Premiership form, never mind 90 minutes fitness.

He could go to Croatia. He's has a long attachment to that country of course.

He could stay with Newcastle for one more season....if he scores a couple they'll beg him to stay.

He could stay with the Geordies in the Second I can't see Viduka doing that can you.

More likely a promoted team or lower reach Premiership will offer him a one year deal or some overseas team may entice him with a two year deal.

My thoughts:
His body is gone, he knows it, we know it.
He may make the World Cup, if he gets another contract and is pampered a bit, as a striker off the bench...and he stays fit.

Very big if's, and of course will the Duke settle for a lesser role with any club in England?

Can he really continue in the Premiership?
Will he join his mate Josip Skoko in Croatia?

Is it the end for one of Australia's greatest?

I'd love to see him in the World Cup Squad, but only if he's fit enough to play a decent role.

He was one of our greatest, who my only regret was that he didn't stay with Celtic and form a long lasting partnership with Henrik Larsson.

Football for Viduka is clearly about money, or else if it was about working with the best and achieving something special....

Larsson and Chris Sutton took Europe by storm sending Celtic to their first European Cup Final in thirty years....

What could Larsson and Viduka achieved?

As for Viduka he's never scored a World Cup goal.

Could this tempt the big fella now the work has been done.

If he's fit he'll need to play in June for the Socceroos otherwise I guess that truly is the end for Australia's best ever striker.


Anonymous said...

o that's harsh judgement.
surely you'd agree that players would prefer to play in the epl over the scottish league?

Eamonn said...

players prefer to play EPl...I agree with that...

but there is a lot of dross in the EPL..Newcastle, Boro, Stoke, Hull, Wigan, Bolton West Brom, West Ham, Everton the list goes on and on...

if he'd have stayed at Celtic he would have been very well paid, 60,000 fans every week and playing alongside the most talented strike partner he ever had bar none.

He'd have been in the Champions League every year which is far higher than the EPL..who knows what he might have achieved with Larsson and co.

For all his skills I think he massively under achieved in England aside froma year at Leeds he was always a big fish in a rather poor pool.