Monday, 4 May 2009

Beep, beep...Miron he's fast.

Modern football is about many things, but increasingly you have to be able to run..and fast, and long...make that fast and long at the same time.

To test this endurance the Beep Test is the go.

How fast can you go? Superhero, super Cross Country, freak of nature Socceroo Brett Emerton and our own Carl Valeri can score over 15.
Gold Coast United new signing Stephen Lustica impressed last week with 15.2

And anyone who remembers the Roar's debut season will know Miron likes them to run..and fast!


Anonymous said...

I think Heather Garriock of the matildas can do a 14 + and I am pretty sure Sally Shipard could also get in the high 13s.

Anonymous said...

ruben Z is great at beep tests too i imagine


Eamonn said...

Ha ha Clayton

Maybe Miron should sign him!