Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Canberra: All codes united.

Great to see a plan for a 26,5000 stadium, a football stadium, one with real atmosphere, close to the pitch, built for the future here in little old Canberra

And isn't it great to see a World Cup bid, unlike the 2000 Sydney Olympics, which will leave a legacy for football.

From the Canberra Times:

The second rectangular stadium would be purpose-built for soccer, rugby league and rugby union.

And the Brumbies and Raiders will benefit...amen to that..and maybe now they'll stop their shenanigans at the political level and join Andrew Fagan(foundation member)Andy Friend (foundation member) and Don Furner in their support for an A-League team.

ACT Goverment have seen the vision the FFA have "completely changed their view" on Canberra crowds after the Socceroos game.

So the vision is there, we just need that tick from the FFA.

And you start to wonder..would the FFA want to upset the Government, a big supporter of the A-League bid, by knocking the Canberra bid out of contention.

Things are started to move.

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