Thursday, 7 May 2009

Canberra: An entrepreneurs dream?

Imagine if you were a Company and you had this many people from one city who used your product every week guaranteed:

30,000 people made up of:
12,000 aged 3-18 primary users
5,000 aged 19-90 primary users
13,000 18-90 secondary users..over 50% female.)

Imagine you could guarantee that these customers would stay with you for 20 years.

What entrepreneur wouldn't give for such a client base, such strength.

Harold Mitchell will tell you that the greatest influencers of discretionary spending in our society are children and mothers (women)

What would Brumbies/Rugby Union and Canberra Raiders/Rugby League do with this client base? I shudder to think.

From the rumours I've heard...(could be wrong)Capital Football has recently been offered the opportunity to build a Futsal Stadium in Canberra. The Government has offered to fund 50% of the building. Capital Football has knocked it back...maybe they have other plans, maybe they don't want to take a risk, maybe it's sound practice.

The Football Community would own it.

Imagine if we paid all our Futsal Stadium revenues to football...and not to the Netball, ACT Government or the Tennis Centre etc.

Wow, we could take the profits on the food, take the profits on the shop that could be put in place.

We could run the National Championships, the School Championships..for football, for our kids, our clients.

Futsal 24/7

Imagine if the Futsal Stadium had space for 4 outdoor fields. Imagine if we had the space to build in the future, accommodation, offices, further shops...etc

Imagine if we caught all the water of the roof and well..forget your astroturf couldn't you.

Imagine if we had a plan to pour revenues back into local clubs, any profits either reducing registration fees or improving the resources provided to the clubs.

Imagine if this organisation offered the clubs the opportunity to buy every ball through them. Imagine if they could make $10 a ball from the distributor. (And they can...I've asked the supplier)

Imagine if all the clubs in Canberra bought their 10,000 balls per year from this central body, and they got MORE money back then they get now from their suppliers.

Imagine if we offered the same service to Southern New South Wales.

Imagine if after the ball success this business arm of the local organisation started selling, socks, shirts, shorts and EVERY FOOTBALL BOOT in Canberra.

Imagine if this organisation employed a Commercial Manager on $30,000 a year....and said in year 1 whatever sponsorships you get....providing the total is more than what we get now you can keep 50%. Did you think they'd work hard...or not?

When we will have the vision to garner the business resources of the football community, to grab our share of the community pie.

Will we always have to wait for handouts from the ACT Goverment?

We should match every $ the Goverment gives us and then some. We should have a plan to make money, to build stadiums, grounds, shops with a business model that enables us to make money, and improve the football facilities for our children and their children.

With our client base, it's long-term profile, how can we fail?

If you think we can't make money you simply employ someone who can show you how to do it.

What is the value of the spend of football in this community?

Registrations, Boots, Gear, Balls, food, you name it we buy would be over $30 million.

Now if we get an A-League team, a commercial body, will be doing everything in it's power to grab ALL of this money and share it between the A-League Club and our junior players/clubs.

Can't be too hard can it?

Oh and I mean the A-League business model will want ALL of it. And why not, because no-one else wants it.

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