Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Canberra A-League Bid: Decision imminent

We've waited along time.

Decision is now imminent. More to follow.

Well Western Sydney, the three bids, meet the FFA this week, so given the passion of the FFA for a team from the West you can be assured if ANY model is strong and financial they'll be pushed ahead...and quickly.

The World Cup is the focus for the FFA in June with the launch and video launch and a host of games happening, so the FFA will need to be announcing an A-League team(s) fro 2010 in July or asap after that.

So I'm expecting a leak as early as this weekend, if any bid from West Sydney is real and cashed up it'll be leaked to build further momentum.

And if not, well Canberra is ripe for the 12th spot and of course the FFA need a 12th team.

And there is the added complication:

The World Cup bid is launched in Canberra, indeed the ACT Government are well ahead in planning for a new stadium and desperately see the value of an A-League team.

Given the FFA now believe we can sustain a team, crowds were a concern they are no longer after the Socceroos game in March, what will they do with Canberra?

Go to 13 teams, leave West Sydney out, leave Canberra out or go to 12 teams and give Canberra the "next" licence.

So imminent, but may not be announced, in my view until July, but we'll know before then.


chris said...

when can we expect a decision?

Anonymous said...

yeah when?!

Anonymous said...

cmon Eamon give us an answer

Anonymous said...

we need to know! cmon Eamon give us a little more info:)

its it today, next week...?