Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Canberran watches Newcastle revival?

Former Futsalroo, Head of Coerver Coaching Australia and Canberra Jason Lancsar returned my call last night from the train from London to Newcastle!

"I'm with
Alf (Galustian, Head of Coerver International) we're heading to Newcastle to do some work with them," said Jason.

"You'd better hurry coz they are woeful and could get relegated tonight." says me the Geordie baiter.

It worked Jason's pre-match drills clearly having more impact than one could imagine.

Alan Shearer's men won 3-1 with an ageing Mark Viduka and Boro Aussie Brad Jones on the pitch.

Boro are Canberra bound apparently, nice prize for relegation.

As for Jason he's back to Canberra in a few days and then off to Mumbai, India to launch Coerver over there.

Can you imagine the skills and the market for football in that country.

Not a bad gig Jason!


Anonymous said...

Canberra needs someone like

Von said...

Where's the Geordie's in Canberra hang out?

Eamonn said...

dunno second tier of any pub I guess