Thursday, 14 May 2009

Han Berger talks to Canberra Coaches

Two streams: Talented and Community; but who are the FFA talking to in Canberra?

I went along to the FFA Tech Director Han Berger's introduction to the National Curriculum.

There are two streams; the Community stream and Talented Development stream.

One for the community players which I reckon judging by the standards laid out in the curriculum for training etc from age 8-19 covers almost 98% of Canberra male players are community...or micky mouse!

Certainly the FFA are not interested in these players juding by last nights elite driven talk. Fair enough. It's about improving the top-end.

Belconnen United, Canberra are all community players, no matter what you are paid,..right down to your local under 8 players.

Apart from possibly ANU First Grade, Capital Football 12-15 Academies, and ACTAS, no other player would even come close, and even some of the above may not meet the time requirements specified under the talented player development stream.

But as we only get two/four players every two years into the AIS..and of these only 1 or 2 make it to the professional ranks we really shouldn't be too concerned about putting too much effort into changing practices and developing talented players....for what!

Because after years of slaving away if you miss out on AIS scholarship in the new talented stream (which involves many hours of dedication) can go and play at your local community club, Belconnen, Olympic or whoever. And then you quickly fall behind, way behind the standard required for talented development set by the FFA.

Nice one FFA. Looks fine, sure there are points many will disagree with, but really the guys at the top need to understand the market they are talking to.

In Canberra we don't have a NSW State League team, an A-League team or A-League Youth why would we bother putting so much effort into producing TWO professional boys every two years.

FFA: We can help you...but you have to help us. We need a State League a 17 year old boy who misses out on the AIS can train and play at a higher level and maybe when he's 18, 19 or 20 he can pick up an A-League Youth or First team contract.

Of course an A-League team would be even better.

NSW won't let us in. FFA should force their hand for the good of the game...otherwise is it really worth putting so much energy and emphasis on the talented pathway programme for just one professional player per year from Canberra?

For me..the Community stream is just fine...I'm happy to be involved improving kids experience and capaibilities....and at the end of the day most of us who play or have played are just playing for a bit of fun aren't we.

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