Sunday, 3 May 2009

The Junior Coach is vital.

In my view any Coach taking on a junior team is a hero.

That said who you get as a Coach impacts on your learning, development and enjoyment.
Imagine being coached Piano by someone who had never played or learnt a note! And imagine paying for that!

Watching three teams warm up in the Under 9's this weekend was interesting.

Team 1: The Coach did 20 minutes of passing, dribbling and various ball centred drills. Each kid having their own ball.

Team 2: Also did 15 minutes warm-up or so. One ball, all players in a line and each player got to shoot about 5 or 6 times before the game started.

Team 3: Coach was delighted everyone got to the pitch before kick-off and handed out the shirts just before the whistle blew.

Imagine this has been going on with the three teams for the last three years...which players would you expect to have improved, natural ability aside, the most. No brainer innit.

Now when you see how many boys and girls can't pass with the side of their foot (both feet), the most basic football skill, by the age of twelve, you really wonder how it is possible that a child playing football for so long can't perform this simple task.

Well as I watched the warm-up scenarios for the teams above.....I guess I have my answer.

Of course they could all be getting great practice in training....I doubt it.

You also wonder given the lack of skilled coaches across our clubs, and lets face it with 12,000 juniors it is not possible for every team to have a good football coach if there is a better way.

If anyone knows of one being implemented at their club....let me know.

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